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Renewable energy specialist
DepHy ensures the design, financing, maintenance, and operation of photovoltaic systems and green hydrogen projects
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A turnkey solution

The creation of hydrogen ecosystems involves combining the production of hydrogen from renewable sources for stationary or multiple applications

DepHy provides tailored solutions to meet your specific needs and requirements

1. Technical expertise

-Analysis of data and integration of needs

-Solution that is adapted to meet specific needs.

2. Partnership and funding

   - Consultation with all institutional, private stakeholders, and operators

 - Assembly of the project and research of funding

3. Expertise in execution

- Achievement of the entire value chain of the project (from photovoltaic production to end uses)

- Preparation and management of all necessary permits

- Management of funding and financial control

- Maintenance and operation of the entire project chain

- Management of relationships with the local community to maximize benefits such as job creation, research and development, and ecosystem expansion

Our approach

Assessment of energy potential and needs

Sizing of solutions according to uses

File preparation and fundraising

depending on the possibilities

Implementation & Operation

Ready to switch to renewable energy?

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Contributing to the energy transition

Clean production with zero CO₂ emissions  by adopting a 100% green and carbon-free solution

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Ensuring your energy autonomy

Adapt the production of green hydrogen to meet your energy needs and ensure energy independence

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Saving money

Your investment can become a sustainable source of income, allowing you to earn money with ease

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Valuing unexploited surfaces

Increase the value of your property and also contribute to community prosperity with ease

They trust us

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